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Reviews from our partners

Orlin Radev
Sofia, Bulgaria
The Cosmos game is a total hit. When I first played it I was so impressed, I immediately knew I had to bring it to my hometown - Sofia, Bulgaria. In the first two weeks since we opened, we have had nothing but positive feedback. People are blown away by the experience. Worth-of-mouth marketing is working very well for us - everyone who has played the game is eager to share what an absolutely amazing experience it was, so people post on Facebook and invite friends to try it. As an entrepreneur I am happy to be one of the first in this new market for virtual reality entertainment and I can't think of a better formula than the one Avatarico came up with.
Yuri Popov
Barcelona, Spain
We launched in January 2016. We had all the weekends booked in February . And we hosted 153 game sessions in March. not the last of it! VR games are the future, and Playingflow will be your guide to it.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
As an experienced manager in corporate events, I was amazed by the novel sense of cooperation taking place in the game, how it dynamically plays out and the emotional responses of the participants.
Each new game opens new horizons for expanding this program, and nothing says ‘corporate team-building’ better than PRP adventures. Not only are there team objectives, but a whole host of leadership tasks for each player. I can’t wait for new additions to this and other PRP adventures.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
A stellar, forward-looking product. Even more so if additional scenarios are released and cater to events with up to 100 people!